Life or food?

I just came back from a day trip, to visit an organic farm at Bentong- organised by a local vegetarian tour agency. The first time to join a vegetarian trip. It was great!

I am so touched when I heard a story from the founder of this vegetarian tour. Why he set up this company? He is a vegetarian. He obtained his tour guide license. It was contradicting for him to bring non vegetarian trip as it against his mission to encourage more people to be a vegetarian. He stopped to bring any local tour after 1st experience.

I love them!!! I’ll never eat them.

He decided to use his expertise to bring his family members around Malaysia. One of his family trip, he arranged non-vegetarian meal, famous chicken rice for his family members. He brought his 5 years old son and wife to a separate vegetarian restaurant. When his young son looked at the steamed chicken being hanged in the shop, the little boy asked him, “What is that?” He answered: “Chicken.”. The little boy questioned him: “Why are you bringing them to eat chicken?” “Hen and roaster belong to nature and to live a life, not to be killed.”

Immediately, he was awakened and touched by his 5 years old son, full vegetarian before birth. He vowed he’ll only organised vegetarian trip, to bring awareness to people to try and accept it. Hopefully, one day can be a vegetarian.

I am touching and inspired by his mission. Of course, bravo to the little boy, full of wisdom.

Do you see life or food?


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