I see a little friend…

Life or Food?

Yesterday, I received a text from friend that a restaurant (You Kiong) at Kg, Broga Malaysia is selling dog meat, RM 25 (USD$ 6) per portion. It was heart broken when I looked at photo- the eye of dog friends (I believed you feel the same), they are waiting for rescue and not being slaughtered as meat.

A profound saying from Paul McCartney,

“When I see bacon, I see a pig. I see a little friend, and that’s why

I can’t eat it. As simple as that.”

Why can’t we see a life? A life that wants to enjoy freedom, fresh air, nature, hot sun, happiness, joy, being accompanied by family and friends, sharing loves…… What is the different between us? except our body form, language and etc…. Is this the  reason for them to be slaughtered?

I’ve interviewed many vegans, sharing some fact here to further invite you, to try vegan, enjoy plant based food without killing beautiful life.

A born vegan, living strong and rarely get sick… He is 10 years old and stay strong.

A little girl became Vegetarian at 9 years old and vegan at 16 years old. She is 27 years old… living a blossom and happy life.

An aunty became vegan at 42 years old and she is 62 years old. She is so energetic and full of life force.

So many true fact out there…. Know the truth and take action to live a healthy life without harming any life.

A beautiful organic vegan meal…

Never let your desire and craving to eat and taking(indirectly killing) animal life.

You can do it, beautiful friends.




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