Go vegan…

What vegan eats…

The most important reason for me to keep cooking and posting organic vegan meal (@li.jiun) is to invite more people to go vegan. People are still curious about what vegan eats. Is it sufficient nutrients? What vegan can eat and can’t eat? What are vegan food?

I vowed to do my best to save animal life, one of the way is to enhance awareness on vegan meal. Vegan food are full of colour, abundance, full of varieties- we are not eating grass, healthy eating (whole food and no processed), balance, yummy, guilt free and burden free to body, no killing to animals, reduce environment impact and more….

I cook with love and passion to support my mission.

With this mission, I cook with passion, love and innovation in my daily meal whenever possible. I am using organic ingredients, no refined and processed food. Keep learning and reading from different teachers to enhance my cooking skills. There is no shortcut and be persistent in whatever we are doing right.

Keep posting your home cooked vegan meal, vegan food and others. Let’s our voices to be hear. Let us to be the voice of our animal friends and mother of planet. Always remember small actions count.

Let’s do it together and make a transformation.

We can!!!



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