Back to kitchen…

Recently, I went to a health talk. There are so many questions from participants, age group from young (20 years old) till more than 60 years old.

Summary of sickness- Thyroid, allergy, digestive problem, sensitive nervous system, asthma, high blood pressure and other modern sickness.

Teacher was checking about their diet, majority took non-vegan food (eat whatever they love), dine out daily (No home cooking), taking lot of milk, eat not on time (late night), taking lot of sugary food (Inclusive of white flour (noodle, bread), white rice, white sugar and others….) and also whether they spent anytime in exercise.

Well! It’s a clear connection between diet and sickness. Do give priority to food you are eating and also back to kitchen, start to cook your own food. Don’t let other people to manage your life.

Your food… Your life!!!

Take charge NOW!!!

Nothing is more precious than enjoying good health!

Stay well, my friends!



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