What are you waiting for?

On Climate Change…

Sadly, even now I think the strong message which is going around is that people are only waking up to the issue because it affects THEM and THEIR future and if it weren’t they wouldn’t be bothered. Until we genuinely start considering the impact of our actions on others rather than ourselves we cannot truly move forward as a species. By Fiona Oakes Foundation

How profound!

Some of us, we are not bother whatever happen around us. We are making assumption that nothing to do with me. Others are still living the same lifestyle. Perhaps some might know what happened but refuse to make any changes. Why should I make a change? Why should I be bothered?

There is NO Hope for our mother of earth. There is NO HOPE for next generation. There is NO HOPE for us.

We are GONE and all living creatures are GONE.

Why are we need to wait for others in order to take a RIGHT ACTION?

Take right action even though you are the only ONE.

Well, For sure, you are not the only Vegan here.

Being a vegan is the fastest way to overcome climate change.

Simple and healthy organic vegan lunch set

Being vegan for ONE year saves:

365 animals

1,000 sum of forest

3,320 kg of co2

6,607 kg of grains

You are never too small to make any changes.

What are you waiting for?



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