“I don’t feel superior because I am a vegan.

The truth is I am vegan because I don’t feel superior to others.”

How profound!

How do you treat your pets? We love them dearly. We treat them like family members.

Well! How do you treat other animals?

Why are you “eating” them? Yes, you are not killing them directly but always remember that you are creating DEMAND for their “Life” when you are eating meat. You are actually giving “money” to someone to kill them.

Why can’t we apply the same love to animal friends like your pets?

I heard many cases that people are stop eating meat once they had pets (cats, dogs and others). They see no different between human and other creatures, love no barrier and judgemental.

All beings want to live and not to be killed, love not suffering….

Our lovely friends, you can make a different by stop eating meat. Think about it, how many lives you can save in a year? How much natural resources you can save too? How much is the environmental impact?

Simple diet change can make a big difference! Go vegan!

I believe the power of love is definitely bigger than the desire of eating. Love our animal friends, protect them and be their voices.

You can, my beautiful friends.





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