Let’s experience and eat vegan food…

What do you think about vegan food?

Are you trying to set up lot of perception on it?

Why people are eating grass? Tasteless food? Get hungry fast? Not enough nutrient? Boring food? Expensive? Not much variety? …….

Of course… You can continue to create your master list based on your perception.

Why not take a try? Experience it?

A simple example, when you are asking people how warm or how cold is the drinking water? The best answer, you drink it, you can definite understand better.

I am trying my best to share vegan food to people. I’ll introduce and bring them to eat, to experience and from there, changing their perception on vegan diet.

Let ourselves be the living proof, keep sharing and most important, let people to eat and experience.

I am happy that most of my friends can accept vegan meal even though they are not a vegan yet.

A seed is sow, whether it’s going to sprout, it’s depend on cause and conditions.

Keep doing it and believe it’ll definitely blossom.


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