Climate Strike…

If you need medicine to “CURE” you from the food you are eating,

You are eating the wrong food. by The Green health Project

You are what you eat. Your body is built from food intake. Your sickness is develop from food. There are so many scientific report on eating meat and bringing health crisis to our body, e.g. heart attack, high blood, cancer…….There are so many testimonials that plant based diet or vegan diet can help to recover a terminal ill people.

As such, please give attention to food before you put into your mouth.

Yummy organic vegan meal!

We are not only regain good health after changing to plant based/ vegan diet, our action can help to save our mother of earth, animal friends and plants. It’s the fastest way to cool down our heated planet (Highest temperature since 1800).

Join us to voice out climate justice, go for Climate Strike from 20-27 Sept 2019.

Your action courts.





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