I am NOT Impressed…

“I am not impressed by money, status or job title.

I am impressed by the way you treat all creatures.”

Should I be impressed if…

You are super rich, if you are not treating others well, e.g.disrespect, shouting, humiliating, cheating, exploiting and others.

You are wealthy and using your wealth to buy leather goods, fur and any other animal related products.

You are using your money to enjoy good life by eating meat products in luxury restaurant….

You are using your fame and status to get more people to follow your lifestyle which is bringing suffering in other beings… to encourage more animals being slaughtered and go through painful life cycle…

I am NOT impressed.

I am truly impressed and inspired by people, be the voice for our animal friends to encourage people to go vegan, to save stray animal life, to educate people to save planet, to disclose cruelty to animal friends, to support fair trade, to help low income group, to help children and other kind deeds to make this world a better place.

Passion in vegan baking, to invite more people to explore the world of vegan. A kind deed! Business is not just only profit generating.

Instead of focusing on “I”, “Me”, “Mine” and we shifted our focus to “We”…. We benefit and not self benefit…

Keep doing good deeds which benefits to all creatures.

Join us, good people!




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