Think before action…

Are you aware on what types of content you are posting in social media?

What are the impact of your content?

Are you encouraging more loving kindness, peace, cruelty free, respect, non-judgemental, honesty and shining positive vibes?

Imagine, if you are constantly posting food photos with meat, seafood, diaries, eggs and any food related to animals, are you inviting more family and friends to dine in to consume? What is the impact?

Good business to the restaurant, Increase demand of animal products…..

Where are the animal products come from?

We are taking life from animals, indirectly causing tremendous pain and suffering to them.

If you are keep sharing how to cook non-vegan food, are you encouraging people to eat meat and increase slaughtering of animals?

Always think about impact and consequences before you take any action.

Do good things, encourage unconditional loves to animal friends, go vegan.

Help to spread awareness on the important of vegan meal.

I invite you to try organic vegan meal… try before giving any comment!!!

Transformation to vegan diet, able to save lives, health, environment and reduce violent, cruelty, suffering and others.

What are we waiting for???




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