I See Life…

Guess how many animals have been KILLED for food this year in USA.

A Total of 42, 194,636, 374 Life

Chicken: 7,958,900,000

Turkeys: 226,580,000

Cows: 35,810,000

Pigs: 123,686,000

Duck & Geese: 28,620,000

Sheep: 6,880,000

Fish: 3,797,000,000

Shellfish: 43,109,000,000

It’s only one country. Can you imagine how many life being taking away for food?

They deserved to live freely instead of becoming “Food” to us.

I see life…. not food!!!

I see life. I feel the tremendous helpless, stress, suffering, fear and full of negative vibes. It just like hell to me.

What do you see, my lovely friends?

Why can’t we help them?

It’s super easy and simple.

Just STOP Eating meat!!!

Take a try, home cooked organic vegan meal?

Go Vegan!



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