I love animals???

Do you love animals?

Do you living with your animal friends? like cats, dogs, birds and others.

Do you love them dearly?

Many of my friends are so kind with their “pets”, they are treating them like family members, providing all necessities and most important, unconditional loves. So encouraging!

I hope one day they can be awaken and see no difference between their “Pets” and “animal friends”. They can stop eating meat and end the suffering of animal friends like Chicken, Pig, cow, goat, fish, turkey, duck and others. They can shine unconditional loves to all living beings.

It’s really heart broken to see the suffering of our beautiful animal friends need to endure in order to satisfy our meat craving. We don’t need to eat meat to live. There are so many types of plants, beans, nuts, seeds, grains, sea vegetables, fruits and others to support our life and live well!!!

Let’s contemplate.

Beautiful organic vegan home cooked meal set. Try?

“I adopted a vegan diet because it didn’t fair to have a dog I Adore, and yet eat meat all the time.” By Alex Morgan, World Cup Champion.

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