Best cure?

“If you need medicine to “Cure” you from the food you are eating, You are eating the wrong food.” By The Green Health Project.

Are you aware the health impact before you feed food to your body?

Are you paying attention to understand food you consume?

Are you concerning about health when you are eating?

Are you eating to live or live to eat?

Which is more important to you, health or pampering your senses?

Do you know the source of food? Where is meat, milk, eggs come from?

What is the process of planting non organic veggies? Usage of chemical fertiliser, hormone, pesticides and others? What are the impact to mother of earth, ecology, our health and all living creatures?

Do you know impact of highly processed food to our health?

More…. more questions…

Don’t act as “I am not aware”, “I don’t bother”, “I don’t care”, “Life is short, let’s eat”…..and by using this way to cheat yourself. Find out the truth now while you are still enjoying good health.

Never be regret when you are sick and start self blaming, “I should cut down…”” I should not take…… “, “I should take more initiative to understand”….. and…

Be mindful on your food intake. You are what you eat. This can’t go wrong!!!

Be your own Doctor and Let food be thy medicine.

May you be well and happy!


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