Mindful cooking…

Have you ever experience food poisoning?

I had a very bad food poisoning after returning from Danang, Vietnam.

I was not feeling well, bloating & indigestion during my journey home.  I was vomited, followed by fever, body ache and a very severe headache once I reached home. I am counting my blessing as this was not happened during my journey home, at taxi, airport, plane and others.

I was using natural healing, it healed slowly with no side effect. I had a terrible headaches, it like living in hell and my head like burning, burst out in pieces and so painful. The only remedy, rest and rest to let my body to do healing slowly. Let food be thy medicine.

It worked,  I’ve recovered after 3 days of severe sickness. I learned the best lesson that as a home chef, I must cook mindfully. If not, my cooking might “Kill” or causing suffering to others. Please use good and fresh ingredients in cooking, do take great care of hygiene in preparation, kitchen, utensils and others. As a chef, we are handling life of others. Please be extremely mindful.

Be mindful in cooking!!! Let’s people who are eating the food be healthy and happy!

I am gratitude for the beautiful lesson.

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