Be compassion to all living beings…

How do you feel when you see a lorry with full of cages of livestock, e.g. Chicken?

It was raining heavily this evening. I saw a lorry was transporting full cages of chicken, perhaps heading to slaughterhouse. There was no cover, all chicken were wet and cold.

Imagine, if we are one of the chicken in the cage, all wet, cold, hungry, thirsty, crowded…. and heading to slaughter house to be killed. I felt deeply o their suffering.  I am so helpless as I can’t help them to relieve from their suffering.  My tears kept dropping like a little fountain. I gave my best blessings to all chicken, I shine my loving kindness to them.

I live well with my vegan lifestyle.. keep shining happiness!

I vowed I am going to be their voice to keep sharing on the important of go vegan, using my hand to keep writing and to keep cooking vegan food. To continue posting articles, yummy vegan food photos. and using my mouth to continue sharing with people to create awareness. Most important, be a living example to show we can live well with vegan diet.

Be compassion to all living beings, love them unconditionally.

Join us, Be their voices.



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