The mind is everything…

“People like fishing because it’s peaceful.

Fishing is 99% of waiting.

How about you just go hang out by the water?

You can peacefully wait 100% of the time instead.”

Yes, so profound!!!

What you “Like” is causing “Life”? Should you still do it?

Think about it, If you like to eat chicken wing, chicken chop, chicken burger, chicken nuggets, chicken rice and other meat products?

What is the consequence?

End of the life to little chicken in order to produce “food”.

Is it what you want?

Whatever we like to eat, it’s only last for a few seconds and going through 3 “Inches” of throat.

Let change our mind, like plant based food, a healthy way of living and shining our loving kindness to animal friends.

Organic vegan fried bean curd brown rice bento. Take a try, forget about chicken rice!

We can!

The mind is everything!


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