Likes or Dislikes?

“Veganism: It’s not about our likes and dislikes.

It’s about their Right not to be used as resources.”

What a profound saying!

When you are eating animal products, you might say likes or dislikes, perhaps on the cooking style, taste and others.

However, your action is causing a life being slaughtered.

We are using our animal friends’ life as resources to satisfy our desire of eating.

In reality, we don’t need to eat meat to live well. It’s only our craving and we are learning from our tradition and culture. You’ve a choice to make a difference. Don’t talk about insufficient of protein or any nutrient. We are facing excess of protein in modern diet, perhaps some of us will have protein in our urine.

Use our wisdom to understand the truth. To relieve our animal friends from suffering, they are not our FOOD.

Yummy Organic vegan Thai food!

Go vegan if you love yourself (better health), environment, animals, planet and next generation.


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