Keep learning

Each day, a person who eats A vegan diets SAVES:

1,100 Gallon of water

45 LBS of Grains

30 Sqft of forest

20 LBS of Co2

And most important The life of Animal friend.

What can we do in order to inspire others to try vegan?

We need to create awareness of the diet. One of the method is keep learning the cooking and baking skill. We can share our home cooked food to people and let them understand be a vegan is not boring. We can eat balance, full of choices, taste yummy  food and save the world.

Beautiful vegan mont blanc… yummy!

Besides, please utilize the power of social media to share the beautiful vegan food photos or videos to invite more people to take a try. Most important, be a living example, Walk the talk.

Change starts from ourselves.

Together, Let’s make a difference.







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