A visit to wet market…

How do you shop for your fresh ingredients?

Are you shop at wet market?

For many years, I never step in to wet market for food ingredients shopping.

I can’t stand the bloody meat stall, the strong smell of dead animals and I see suffering. My heart is weeping.

I can’t tolerate the tremendous pain, stress, fear, anger that our animal friends need to go through.

Recently, I paid a visit to Wet market in Thailand as part of my plant based chef training to understand more variety of vegetables. We need to walk through the meat and seafood stall. I saw blood, I smelled dead body, I felt suffering… It was full of negative vibes.

Should we eat meat to sustain life or to satisfy our craving?

Why our action is causing suffering to others?

Why not we make a change? The mind is everything.

Once we transform our mind, to see suffering instead of yummy “Food”, it’s so easy to make a change our diet. Go vegan, my dear friends.

One of my Switzerland classmate shared with me, if this market exists in Europe. He believed most people will go vegan. A lot of children are not aware that their favorite bacon, ham, sausages, burgers and others are actually from animal meat. Many children go vegan once they know the truth.

“If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian.” by Sir Paul McCartney

Join us, Go vegan, to end this suffering.

2 thoughts on “A visit to wet market…

  1. Yes my dear friend… how right you are… “Go vegan, to end this suffering.” We have it within our immediate power to end the suffering… with this immense tool at our fingertips.. to stop eating the animals’ bodies and their secretions… which were never meant for us!!!
    As always dear, thank you, thank you for all the great good work you are doing… it does reach out far and wide…
    Loving thots with you and always for the animals’ liberation… your friend, Carol

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