Before people transforming their diet to vegan, they are not bothering about diet even not healthy, never think about protein, b12 and etc….

Once they declared that they are “Vegan”. Lot of questions pour to them by their family, friends…. ” Where do you get your protein?”, “Are you sure you get enough nutrients?”, “How about B12?”, “Can you eat fish?”, ” Can you take eggs?”….

“You need Protein, not meat.

You need Calcium, not milk.

You need Omega, not Fish.

You need nutrients, not the life of an animal.

All of which can be found in a plant based diet.”

Awesome, colorful and abundance of plant based dishes!

Peace start from our plate. Eat balance and there are so many types of plants for us to get enough nutrients for our body and mind. Important rules, no processed, chemical, pesticides, artificial flavoring, GMO and refined products in your plate. (Exception for Occasionally and unavoidable when you dine out)

Feel the difference after you transforming to vegan diet.

Enjoy the kind meal, lightness and happiness in life.

The best gift for you, animals and planet.

Do it!



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