“Good food”

Have you encountered any of your family members and friends love to discuss about good food?

To them, good food is cooked meat, seafood and assorted desserts with milk, eggs, butter, cream and etc.

They love to share all this restaurant and cafés whenever they meet each other. Some might do “Instant” posting or “Live” when they are enjoying “good Food”.

They never assume “Good Food” that is actually taking “Life” of animal friends. They never see any suffering caused by them due to their food choices. By their action, they are inviting more people to join and try “good food”.

I am very sad when I heard about all this topics. I see suffering but they see “Happiness and enjoyment” from taking life of others.

“I stopped eating meat some 50 years ago. When I looked at a chop on my plate and thought:

This represents FEAR, PAIN and DEATH.” By Jane Goodall

Cruelty free, a simple kind meal is the best food!

What can we do as a vegan?

Keep sharing awareness on why should we go vegan? For our health, animals and planet.

Keep walking this path with confident and be a living example.

Make a vow, Be voice of the VOICELESS!

Sow seed of kindness and hopefully one day, it’ll ripen.




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