Mum’s recipes….

One of the way to reduce the risk of Coronavirus outbreak, stay at home and follow all hygiene tips to safeguard ourselves and others. Stay safe, my lovely friends. Love yourself and love others.

I love to stay at home, there is so much interesting things to do. I am learning mum’s recipe to design new vegan food. So many cooking tips and “all time favorite recipes”. My mum is a good cook for non vegan dishes. She followed us to eat our home cooked “organic vegan meal”.  Bravo to her!!! However, my parent will eat eggs and some “meat” occasionally. We are not restricting our elderly parent diet so much, as long as they are living a happy life.

Deep fried Organic vegan yam snack. Super yum!!!
Simple stir fried organic vegan mee hoon. So homely!

Please try to learn and understand traditional food from your parent. You can always modify it to vegan way of cooking.

I am transforming all this yummy traditional food to organic, vegan, no refined sugar, no preservatives, no pungent but it still tasty.

Cooking is just like an art creation, it’s so fun and full of possibilities !!!




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