Stay healthy…

Today is the day 5 of compliance to Movement Order Control (MOC) in our country.

I am blessed that I learned cooking in the past. I can cook simple healthy vegan food to my family.

We no need to order any food deliver services. The only thing, we need to do is to get out from home to buy groceries. It’s hard to order online for fresh food, it take longer time for delivery as too much pending and long order.

It was so much difference in shopping experience in just 5 days. People are panic buying as future is full of uncertainty. People just want to grab groceries to ensure there is enough food for their family. They feel more secure.

We need to buy food to ensure our family get enough to eat for the period of 14 days. In order to reduce our traveling, the best way is to buy once a week. It’s best we stay at home, we are able to reduce risk and this is the best support to unsung front lines heroes.

Our simple home cooked macrobiotic plate. Take good care of your health!

Stay healthy, eat healthy. It’s really great to start plant-based diet to boost up our immune system as no vaccines for COVID 19.

Stay safe, my friends!


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