Healthy Home cooking…

Are you cooking your meal during Movement Control Order (MCO)?

So happy to know that people are back to kitchen to prepare their own meal. It’s fun to cook.

You are fully aware on the ingredients used in your cooking. You can decide what to put and what not to put.

You can filter out all unhealthy ingredients like processed food, artificial flavoring & coloring, refined food like white products- white salt, white sugar, white flour and etc…. You can experience what is the effect of food after you eat.

Try on plant based food during this period of time. You can understand and feel how light is your body and how calm is your mind.

There is a profound teaching from Master Cheng Yen.

“Among human behavioral practices, habits related to the mouth are the hardest to curb.

It seems very difficult to encourage everyone to adopt a vegetarian diet.

We know that the collective karma of all sentient beings has triggered the epidemic. Yet despite our fear

of the virus, we seem to still cling onto the perverted belief that the mouth cannot serve as a portal of entry for diseases.

Knowing that animal bodies form the source of many diseases, we should adopt proper preventive measures such as adopting vegetarianism to curb the source of this problem.”

Stay safe and Stay healthy, my dear friends!



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