Back to basic…

Currently, So many of us are stay at home for Covid-19 Pandemic, this is best way to reduce risk to everyone.

We are transforming our lifestyle, back to basic. I believe you can understand well, what do you need instead of your want? A simple example,  what are you looking during your online shopping? Groceries or latest fashion? What are your biggest expenses? food or fashion or others?

Most of us, we need to cook our own meal during MCO. It’s really great to be back to kitchen and explore the fun in cooking. You can be innovative and creative in your cooking. Most important, you know what are the ingredients you are putting in your cooking pot? Are you putting “slow poisons” in your food? e.g. Artificial flavoring, processed food, preservatives, refined food and others.

Why not take this opportunity to understand what is the good diet to sustain our health? Why not take a try on plant-based diet? Feel the difference, observe changes from your body and mind. Moreover, if you transform to plant -based diet, your kitchen is free from the “Meaty” and “bloody” smell.  Your transformation will bring benefit not only to your health, reduce suffering to animal friends and also save our planet.

Let’s do it and make a difference.







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