I love animals…

“Mankind is the wisest among all living beings, so mankind should naturally protect all living things.

Mankind should not devour animals’ meat to satisfy one’s greedy appetite,

thus demolish the kind spirit of human nature.”

By Master Cheng Yen

How profound!

Conversation from small children…

We are eating meat.

Where is meat from?


err… How?

We need to KILL animals, then only we can eat their meat.

ops…. Cruelty!

I love animals.

I don’t want to eat MEAT. I want them to live a happy life.

We don’t need to eat meat to live our life. It’s only our craving and the action we take are helping to kill animals.

You are free to make your choice… choose wisely!!! Abundance home cooked organic vegan food!!!

Please move away from arguing about nutrition from meat and plant-based. Kindly look into the long term health impact. Make RIGHT choice and don’t blame if you are diagnose with disease.

Remember that you are what you eat. Be responsible of your life. It’s really up to you.

You are the PAINTER in life.

Be wise!



2 thoughts on “I love animals…

  1. Wonderful!! Thank you for this and all of your great posts. It is so good to receive them and share in your illumined thots.
    All the best to you, dear friend…

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