What shall I eat today?

Beautiful and profound writing from Thich Nhat Hanh

“Our way of eating and producing food can be very violent, to other species, to our own bodies and to the earth.

or Our way of growing, distributing, and eating food can be part of creating a larger healing.

We get to choose.

The planet suffers deeply because of the way many of us eat now. Forest are razed to grow grain to feed livestock, and

the way animals are raid pollutes our water and air. A lot of grains and water is used to make alcohol.

Tens of thousands children die of starvation and malnutrition everyday, even though our earth has the ability to feed us all.

Please ask yourself, “What should I eat today?”

Am I nourishing compassion?

Am I supporting mother of earth?

A simple plate of organic vegan meal, nourishing body, mind and compassion!

Think deeply! Compassion starts on your plate.

Your action counts!








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