Conscious cooking…

During the lockdown period, a lot of people are back to kitchen and exploring cooking. So wonderful.

My teacher shared with me that ” As a cook, we are managing the life of others. We must be very conscious and mindful in our cooking.” What a good advise!

Do you know what types ingredients are you putting in your cooking?

Do you know what is the health benefits?

Do you know whether your food bring harm or nutrients to your body?

What is the long term health implication?

Please look beyond “cooking”. Don’t compromise for “Good Taste” and taking in ton of toxins to harm your body.

For sure you are not going to feed yourself and your family with poison daily. However, if you don’t check properly, you might doing it without realize. e.g. Non-organic veggies, full of herbicides, plant hormone, pesticides, chemical fertilizers and others harmful substances. Meat products in long term consumption will bring heart disease, cancer, cholesterol and etc.

Learn, study before you start feeding your loved one.



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