Who can safeguard your health?

During Covid-19 Lock down period, it was hard to get fresh food ingredients. For us, we depend on the online delivery to avoid points of contact. We were facing lacked of selected food ingredients to cook a sudden “dish”. However, this can be overcome by “innovation” in cooking.

Simple organic fried noodles, less is more.

My realization during the lock down, let’s do simple cooking with less ingredients and we can still cook a yummylicious food. Most important, to know what types of ingredients are we putting in our food. Never put in something you are unsure with lot of chemical names. Please give priority to food we are eating instead of spend a lot money to buy external stuffs like new fashion- clothes/ bag/ watches/ accessories/ shoes and etc, keep changing to new phones, cars and etc.

Direct connection from food we eat and our health. You are what you eat. Imagine, do you want to feed yourself with poison daily (herbicides, chemical fertilizer, pesticides, lot of artificial flavoring and etc)? All of you might answer “No” but why are we feeding ourselves with junk and non-organic food?

Let’s contemplate.

Who can safeguard your health?

Who is feeding you daily?

Prevention better than cure.

To enjoy a healthy you is in your hand.

Make a right choice.




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