Acts of Loving-kindness…

“Genuine caring and loving for all beings, is to practice vegetarianism.

Farmed piglets are taken away from the cuddles of the mother pigs, such cruel separation, are doings of ruthless human beings.

To be truly intelligent of all beings, let’s show love and care for all beings.”

by Master Cheng Yen

Peace begins on your plate. Imagine, how many life are you releasing when you are eating vegan/vegetarian meal?

Every second, 2,443 animals are being slaughtered. (Exclude sea food)

Our meat eating habit is bringing tremendous suffering to animal friends, pollution to environment, disappearing of green lung (forest), contributing world hunger, increase of world temperature, pandemic and etc.

By transforming our mind, we can bring so much benefits.

This is the best way to practice our loving-kindness and non-duality to all living beings.

Super yummy πŸ˜‹ organic vegan meal…

Why not take a try?



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