From garden to table…

Do you love gardening?

I am enjoying very much in our little organic garden. We planted many types of herbs and veggies. It’s the best place to play with our lovely cat friends. Besides, we can see a lot of living beings- bumble bees, bees, dragonfly, snails, butterfly, grasshopper, ladybird, birds, ants, squirrel, frog and others. They are flying and running happily in garden as it’s free from chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and others harmful substances. They can get their food and some even stay in our garden. We live harmony with nature.

I can practice well from garden to table to get all fresh ingredients needed in cooking.


Vegan rendang, super yummy!!!

Cooking curry, I can get pandan leaves, curry leaves, mint leaves, chili and lemongrass from garden.

Cooking Tom yum, I can get holy basils, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, blue pea flowers, chili from garden.

It’s so fresh, enhance good flavor and aroma in our organic vegan cuisines.

Certified freshness from our lovely cat, Miss Sisi

Our love cat, Miss Sisi will definitely follow, to pluck fresh veggies in garden. She is our little garden helper.

Do start your little organic gardening if you’ve space at home.

Enjoy the freshness of food and the best gift from nature.







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