How many vegan friends do you know?

How many vegans in your office?

My diet is unique, most important sustainable. I take organic vegan food with no pungent (no garlic, onions, leek, chives, scallions) and no refined sugar. It’s a challenge to look for people walking on the same path.

I’ve more online friends rather than offline.

We must have faith when we are doing right and walk the path with confident even though we are minority. Be the voice to the voiceless, this is my vow to help animal friends. I’ll do my best to share how important to shine loving kindness to all living beings by taking the first step, go vegan.  See no different in any form of life.

Take a try in yummy and healthy vegan food before you say No!!! 🌱

People who say vegans are weak underestimate how much strength it takes to stand up for what you believe in.




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