Repent wrong doings…

Can you remembered your wrong doing during childhood?

I need to confess and repent that I killed mosquitoes during my childhood time.

I waited for mosquitoes to suck my blood, killed them and put in a small container.

We had raised home grown chicken at home and mum killed them for “meat”. I gave good compliment that “the meat was so tasty.” Such an ignorant kid.

I felt so guilty that I never stop my mum to kill an elderly hen for soup. This cute hen lay so many eggs for our family, however we never appreciated her and killed her after she can’t lay eggs.

I can’t erase my past for wrong doings. I am glad that I see my wrong doings and repent.

I make a vow to protect animal friends and be their voice to awake people to go vegan.

Hopefully, you are not going to repeat my wrong doings.

Vegan char kway teow… super yummy!!!

Go vegan, it’s the best way to cultivate compassion.




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