Organic vegan minced mushroom rice…

Cooking is fun. You can cook based on your intuition.

Some of us, we are so curious about vegan food especially on how to cook authentic traditional food. No worries, we can cook similar types of food in vegan style. Most important, please transform your mindset- NO “Bloody taste”.

Some of Chinese people will associate “yummy” soup by using Meat. They are disappointing when they no longer can taste “blood and flesh” from vegan soup. However, give yourself a thumb up when you are drinking vegan soup as you are willing to transform your mindset, a step closer to “Compassion”. Bravo.

Taste awesome with no guilt!!! Peace of mind! đŸ™đŸ»

I’ve tried out a new recipe, “veganized” a famous dish in Taiwan, organic vegan minced mushroom with brown rice. Taste awesome by only using organic dry mushroom, organic king oyster mushroom, soy granules with ginger, Tamari, Shoyu, Chinese five spices, mirin and white pepper.

Simple and easy!!! We don’t need to use “animal’s dead body” in cooking to achieve “tasty”.

Transformation starts from your mind. 

The mind is everything!

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