mindful chef…

As a chef, you are taking care of other’s life.

No one can live without food.

How should you prepare and present your food?

Before you are serving your food, please ask yourself

“Am I going to enjoy whatever I am preparing?”

“Am I providing nutrients or poison?”

“Am I bringing health benefit or health disasters?

“Am I bringing happiness?

Yes, it’s undeniable that you need to earn money in business world. However, without thinking about your customer’s need, you are not going to be success. Moreover, focusing on profit without passion, you are not going to be in business for long.

If you can’t eat or enjoy the food you cook, please don’t serve to your customer.

Served the food you ā¤ļø…

Be passion in your job, please don’t only think about profit or work for the sake of work.






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