Love animals…

“Roses are red, Violets are blue,

You can’t love animals and eat them too.”

What a great saying!!!

I am happy when I heard people sharing that they love animals.

However, they are continue to enjoy meat, seafood and other’s living creatures even though they keep telling they love animals.

How sad!

I am happy when people sharing that they are following “plant-based” and “vegan”.

However, they are still buying livestock and keep cooking for others to eat. They are still shopping to buy “animal’s skin” products, support animal’s testing products, and not care about the environment.

How sad!

Someone who are vegan shared with me that she bought live prawn, so fresh and cooked for her family. To her, prawn might not be “a life” and it just “thing”.

How sad!!!

Be empathy, feel like what other’s feel.

How do you feel when you accidentally cut your skin? Pain? Bleeding? Fear? Tension?

It’s the same when animal friends being slaughtered.

Is it necessary to kill and eat their fresh to feed and sustain our life?

Please explore and keep reading.

Simple organic vegan food, cruelty free!!!

Don’t find any excuses again to satisfy your craving by taking other’s life.




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