Wake up, my friends…

Have you ever heard that people tend to get together and discuss how yummy are cooked meat, how fresh was the seafood and others?

When they are discussing about it, their eyes are shinning, full of passion and the deep CRAVING to eat, to them- it’s food, a thing. They are not realizing that a life is being killed in order for them to enjoy so called “yummy food.” They don’t see their topics of discussion is full of “violent” and “suffering”- pain, fear, anger and all negative emotions from dying animals.

We act ignorance about other’s suffering and denied that our action are contributing to “cruelty”. We just want to satisfy our CRAVING and self interest.

Wake up, my friends. 

Peace starts on your plate. Don’t use your fork, knife and spoon as the most dangerous weapon in this world.

No demand, No supply.

Braised organic vegan tofu… super yummy! You can transform your eating habit easily!

Your choice of food can make a big difference to reduce suffering and saving life. 



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