Being vegan is a way of life…

“Above all being vegan is a way of life,

a way of being,

of taking care of the planet, and avoiding animal suffering.” 

Aaron Esclapez (Pro Footballer)

Being vegan is not more superior, it’s the best way to showcase “see no different” and “equality” in life. To show respect to all living beings.

It’s so easy, we just need to transform our mind, from craving to eat “animal’s meat” to saving “animal’s life”. 

No worries about vegan food as increasing awareness on vegan diet. There are enough options and varieties to live well.

Awesome vegan food…

Don’t worry about lack of nutrients, protein and others which you might never doubt that non-vegan diet might bring high risk to cancer, heart disease, cholesterol, diabetics and others.

Have ever heard about heart disease or protein insufficient around your friends? Which one is more common?

Don’t try your best to find a thousand excuses to stop your action.

Do right things.

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