When people start talking about their favorite food- steak, stew beef,lamb shank, curry chicken, chicken rice, fish and chips, Assam fish, butter prawn, Spicy crab, steamed fish, seafood platter and others non vegan food, their eyes are shining and full of passion. To them, they are talking about “food” without realize that their eating habit is taking a “Life” from animal friend. They see “thing” and not “life”.

Imagine, without putting any spices, flavoring, sugar, salt, vinegar and others, do you think your so called, “yummy meat or seafood” still taste good?

Another example, when we look at animal being hit and died in highway, are we consider this as “food”?

Many people only associate “cat” and “dog” are animals. The rest are “food” without thinking they are same as us, their blood is “red”, they are having emotion like us, “love”, “fear”, “anger”, stress” and others.

“To my mind, the life of a lamb is no less precious than human being, I should be unwilling to take eh life of a lamb for the sake of the human body.” by Mathama Ghandi

Simple organic vegan home cooked lunch bento

Let’s contemplate.

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