Stay healthy…

“Before you heal someone, Ask him if he is willing to give up things that made him sick.” By Hippocrates

Such a profound teaching!!!

When our sickness can’t be cured by modern medical, we are willing to try many different types of traditional treatment. We are willing to spend time to listen to our body. We might even willingly to change our diet in order to cure.

I heard many cases that people are willing to go for plant based diet after diagnosed with terminal illness. They are making change instantly without any setback in order to save and prolong their life. However, when they are gradually recover or fully recover, they might gradually back to old way of eating.

What will happen? Sickness relapse.

Happy organic vegan lunch

You are what you eat. To understand and to cure your sickness, be mindful when you are feeding yourself with food.

Stay healthy, everyone.

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