“Fresh” food…

When I heard people sharing that

I want to eat “Fresh” seafood…

I want to buy fresh “fish”, “prawn”, “crab”….

I want to buy fresh “meat”

To non-vegan or vegetarian, all this is so “normal”… their food.

To me, as a vegan, my heart is weeping tears. What does it mean by fresh?

Our animal friends must slaughter “alive” in order to get “freshness”.

Have you ever think that our action is causing a life to be killed in order to satisfy our desire in eating and most important we have so much cruelty free option to select and sustain good health.

Ask yourself and think deeply, “Why can’t I transform my diet?

Are all this reasons more important than a life to be slaughtered? A life is undergoing tremendous suffering and pain.

Super yummy, vegan asam laksa

Reasons- Taste? Yummy? Healthy? Tradition? Craving?

Why not give yourself a chance to try plant based or vegan food?

Say yes!!! Experience it with open heart!!!

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