Thank you, squirrel…

This morning, Mum & I were watching how happy was squirrel running happily in our organic garden. They can climb tree so fast and agile. I am talking to him, “Can you help to pluck a mango for us?”. We are unable to pluck mangoes as the tree is super tall and beyond our reach.

We heard something was dropping. oh yeah! It was a mango. The kindest gift from our little squirrel friend.

Gratitude to the beautiful gift…

Thank you our dear friend.

We are feeding them with fruits and they can eat fresh organic mulberries in our garden. We’ve no intention to harm them and live harmony with them.

Thank you, little squirrel friend for shining kindness and a great reminder to us, Be kind always!!! Animal friends can sense our kindness even though we are in different form, different language but there is no barrier of LOVE.

Ditch meat, go vegan and shine our unconditional loves to all living beings.

Super duper yummy and healthy organic curry noodles ( no coconut milk)

We can!!!

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