Be mindful!!!

Meow Meow is a stray cat, he came to our house to seek help and he was almost died. We rescued and adopted him. We can see his transformation, from fear and worry to a happy cat. Initially, he just finished his bowl of food and ran away whenever he saw us.

Happy Meow Meow boy…

This might due to his past experience that people always chase him away. Our family was continuously to shine unconditional loves to him. He melted with such great loves.

He is transforming to be so friendly to us. We can sense his gratitude towards our help.

Our simple action can save life.

Imagine, the meat you are eating actually from killing a life. A life is same like us, who deserve love and not harming.

Be mindful on our action!!! To save or to kill?

2 thoughts on “Be mindful!!!

  1. You are such a wonderful family, always helping the animals… and always helping to educate people as to how important it is to think of the animals, be mindful of our actions toward the animals… what a world of difference this makes. You are enlightened lovely souls, thank you so much! And thank you for sharing the beautiful story and photo of beautiful kitty Meow Meow… and yes, we can see the transformation before our eyes… thank you and your family for having open and compassionate hearts and minds… and for being such a great example for humanity to know the importance of how we look upon and treat the animals.

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