Go Vegan…

Two weeks ago, I had an injury on my fingernail, small piece of wood stuck under my fingernail and I need to seek medical aid from Doctor to remove it.

The process was so painful. I can remember the tremendous “Pain” to remove it before injection to numb it. The injection also very painful as it injected inside my fingernail and also suffered the pain at night as I never take any painkiller.

I related this “pain”, perhaps minor pain as compare to our animal friends being suffered in slaughtering process. How painful (GREAT PAIN), fearful, stress, tension and hatred. Are they willing to give their life to us as food? Moreover, we, human don’t need Meat in order to live well. As such, why are we taking life from animal friends? Why our eating habit causing tremendous “PAIN” and “SUFFERING” in their life?

As a vegan, I cook and eat well.

If you can transform your diet, be a vegan, you are able to reduce the demand to meat industry. You might say, no impact if only a person do it. Imagine, if many of us, join vegan movement, definitely meat demand will drop. Through our action, we are able to help and reduce suffering for animal friends.

Join us, GO vegan, for our lovely animal friends, be their VOICE.  For environment, to help our crying mother of earth. For Next Generation. For our body, to be more healthy.

What are we waiting for?




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